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Squid Assassin

Billy bobby
About Squid Assassin


 In Squid Game Assassin, devise an assassination plan against the workers and murder dolls and destroy them! Before carrying out the assassination, plan your route and develop your strategy.
 With +50 different levels, you can begin the assassination without interruption! Select your target on the map using the mouse or touch and begin the assassination.

  • Before carrying out the assassination, it is critical to plan your destination and develop your strategy.
  • If one of your enemies dies, the others will find out and begin running toward you. That is why you must exercise caution.
  • You must avoid the killer's and baby characters' guns and carry out silent carnage whenever possible.
  • You can select a Squid Game game character with various features from the Store menu, and you can even level up.

How to play

Select your destination on the map with the mouse and start the quest by controlling your character.