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Squid Game Snipe

Billy bobby
About Squid Game Snipe


 Squid Game Snipe is a sniper game based on the evil movie Squid Game. You will play as the hidden soldier. If you find any of them moving, shoot them immediately!

 When players are participating in the game with giant dolls. You are assigned to stand at the top and use the sniper rifle to shoot players who break the rules! All players participating in this game must die if they lose. And you are the one tasked with killing those who break the law.

 The rules of the game are very simple. This giant doll is a modern invention. It can detect all human movements no matter how small. and when it has confirmed your movement it will shoot down the player immediately. To pass this game you can only move when the doll turns away.
 The red arrow will show which character broke the rules and that's the thing to kill, use the scope to improve your visibility and make sure you hit the right player or you will be fined. Get a high score for every player you kill and compete with dozens of friends from around the world - let the battle begin!

How to play

  • Use L key to Lock/unlock the mouse.
  • Right-click to Zoom.
  • Left-click to shoot.
  • Use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out.