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Squid Squad Mission Revenge

Billy bobby
About Squid Squad Mission Revenge


 Squid Squad Mission Revenge is an extremely attractive shooting game inspired by the hit movie Squid Game. The movie Squid Game has created a worldwide craze because of the originality and novelty of the movie's content. Movie games are a special inspiration for us to create more great online games.
 If you have seen this movie, imagine you are one of the people directly involved in those survival games, what would you do if you had a gun in your hand? I bet you will find a way to take revenge on the hidden organization and destroy all the red shirt henchmen. That's your mission in this game! You will defeat all the red shirt soldiers that appear in each level to win.


  • You'll have to kill one or more red guardians at each level, and depending on their minion icon, you'll have to shoot them less or more times to completely remove them and win the battle. They will be victorious when they can no longer stand.
  • Use your mouse to aim and shoot your gun at them; however, keep in mind that your ammo is limited on each level, so attempt to shoot in such a way that you can deal a lot of damage with a few rounds.

How to play

  • Use mouse to aim.
  • Left-click to shoot at the target.