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Stickdoll 2

Billy bobby
About Stickdoll 2


 Stickdoll 2 is a dramatic fighting game. You will play as a fire warrior who attacks a magnificent palace. You need to collect 5 elements to become world hegemony!

 You will play the character Flame- A fire warrior with a powerful weapon in his hand, a giant sword. He really scared people. But he has a huge ambition that is to dominate the world. He is planning to collect 5 elemental stones in the mighty kingdom. Combining the main elemental stone and the other stones on the black magic book will make him invincible and rule the world. But to do this is very difficult. Because this is a very powerful kingdom. Protected by many small soldiers. To be able to collect the elements you need to overcome all the guards and obstacles of this castle.


  • What you need to do in this battle is kill all the small soldiers and go straight into the castle. Use the weapon that is the sword in your hand to shorten the time. Because the soldiers are very large and they constantly attack you if you cannot destroy them quickly you will be attacked by them again.
  • Jump over the platforms, avoid obstacles and enemies to collect the stones. Try to survive as long as possible and the deeper you go into the castle the better your chances of finding the elements you need.

How to play

  • To attack, press "Space."
  • To leap and move, use the "Arrow Keys."