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Stickman Adventures

Billy bobby
About Stickman Adventures


 In the game, Stickman Adventures Nothing can stop him from escaping from the prison. Let's experience many prisons around the world with him.
 Our hero desired to enter the castle and save them all. You will be assisting him in the game Stickman Adventures in this adventure. Your hero will pass through a number of locations on his way to the castle. There will be many mechanical traps and other hazards there. Your hero must run as fast as he can down the road. If he comes close to these dangerous areas, you must make him jump.

You must make Smart Choices as quickly as possible. Each level will present you with multiple choices; select the correct answer to proceed. Wrong answers will result in painful but amusing outcomes.


  • Stickman Adventures is very simple and addictive. The gameplay is very simple and fun. You just make a decision and go, wait and see what happens.
  • The game is suitable for everyone.
  • The 2D graphics of the character Sick man are loved by many people.
  • Addictive unique sound.

How to play

You use the arrow key to your hero is control.