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Street Mayhem - Beat Them Up

Billy bobby
About Street Mayhem - Beat Them Up


 Street Mayhem - Beat Them Up is an interesting game where you own the strong power. Your task is to defeat all the opponents to pass the levels and get coins.

 Being a strong fighter is what you need to do in this game. In story mode, you can choose maps and pass the stages with coins. How to earn coins? When you beat the opponents, you can get some useful coins. The coins also can be used to unlock the character. Each character has a different story and feature. Let’s show your skills and make some cool combos to defeat enemies. Don’t let the opponents attack behind you because it is hard to fight back among many opponents. Moreover, you also try 2 player mode, you can have fun with your friend. In this mode, you can choose the character for free and battle with your friend on a classic map. You have to battle in 3 rounds to find the final winner. 

 What are you waiting for? Click on the game immediately to have a great experience. 

 Features of Street Mayhem - Beat Them Up

  • Diversity of map and character 
  • 3D graphics bring real emotions
  • 2 modes for players: story mode and 2 player mode 
  • Attractive characters’ stories 

 How to control

  • PLAYER press WASD or arrow keys to move (Arrow keys are only active in Story Mode.), Space bar to jump, F and G to attack, H to block attack
  • PLAYER 2 press WASD or arrow keys to move, L to jump, P and O to attack, I to defend