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Striker Dummies

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Billy bobby
About Striker Dummies


Striker Dummies is an engaging action game. You control a robot with a hammer in your hand. Your mission is to attack the opponent robot and knock it down.

Are you ready to join the battle with Striker Dummies? Here you will enter a very fierce battle when dueling with rival robots. And the important thing of this match is that only the one who can stay to the end and destroy the opponent is the only one to win. This game has 2 player mode. You can completely play together with friends on one computer. This will make the battle more fun and exciting. Start the robot solo war with the citadel right now.

 Your task in this game is to knock down your opponent by hammering it. At the beginning of the match, 2 robots are armed with a hammer. You just need to launch quick and accurate attacks on the opponent to robot the opponent until victory. The winner of this intense duel gets 5 points.


  • You must learn to strike with your hammer. Use your hammer deftly to try and smash your wooden opponent to pieces.
  • Out but the shot is fast and accurate
  • Observe your opponent and try to avoid his attacks.

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