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Survival Game

Billy bobby
About Survival Game


 Squid Game is a Korean movie that is storming around the world recently. Have you seen this movie yet? I'm sure 80% of the people here have seen this movie. The survival games in the movie are really attractive. It's a great idea that inspired us to create similar online games! And Survival Game is one of them.
 Survival Game is an interesting and familiar game that most of us have played since childhood. But like in the movie Squid Game, this is not simply a game to have fun, but it will involve the player's life. This increases the drama.
 You will control the character to move to the finish line at the giant robot doll. Note that you can only move when the doll can't see you. If you let the doll locate you as a moving object you will be shot dead instantly. This is a challenge that is not difficult but also not easy because the robot doll comes back very quickly. If you can't control your character properly you will be shot dead instantly. And the first person to reach the finish line in this adventure game will be the winner. Good luck!

 I think the best way for you to conquer this game is to take the time to get used to the pace of the game.


 Another game that is also inspired by the movie Squid Game you should try is Squid FighterSquid Squad Mission Revenge, Squid Game Snipe, Survive The Glass Bridge.

How to play

Hold down the left mouse button to move your character.