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Survive The Glass Bridge

Billy bobby
About Survive The Glass Bridge


 Play the game Survive The Glass Bridge is a game based on the hit movie Squid Game. Survive the glass bridge if you fall you will be shot instantly. Choose the bridge when you get two bridges, and find the original bridge to stay and win the race.
 One of the games the player must play in the movie Squid Game is the game of crossing the bridge. It seems that a game for children is very simple and fun, but it is not so simple. This is the game that decides your life. Some of the glass on the pedestal is fake and if you step on them you will fall off the cliff and completely out of the billionaire game! If you can't cross the bridge you will be shot down by the red shirt soldiers immediately. But don't worry. If you are a smart and judgmental person, this is not necessarily a difficult challenge. Try to survive and be the winner of this game! Good luck!

How to play

  • Move character W A S D or Arrow Keys.
  • Jumping Space.
  • Move the mouse to see the surrounding scenery.