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The Last Stand

Billy bobby
About The Last Stand


  • The day you have to face the zombies is the worst day of your life. They assault you with the intention of turning you into zombies like themselves. You must abandon your friends and family in order to survive, and you must destroy them. You're hell-bent on making history with your last-place finish. More supplies are secured, and more undead is killed than ever before.
  • There are several levels broken into rest intervals in which the player must search for weapons and other survivors while also repairing obstacles in order to prepare for the following wave of enemies. Despite the fact that this is a difficult war, I know you can triumph! Good luck!
  • Featured:
    Shooting games.
    Belongs to the genre of horror games.
    Scary graphics.
    Realistic and thrilling sound.
    there are many challenges.
  • Tips:
    During the day, arm yourself with weapons and supplies.
    Assist your survivors by repairing your barricades.
    As the sun falls, defend your camp against the invasion of the undead.

How to play

WASD to move
R to reload
Space bar to switch weapons
Left mouse button to shoot