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The Skull Kid

Billy bobby
About The Skull Kid


  • The Skull Kid is a fun and slightly disturbing game for anyone looking for a way to unwind. As the crazy and cruel Skull Kid, walk about the office destroying everything and everyone in your path. Make use of lethal weapons such as chainsaws and rifles. The object of the game is for you to walk to the exit and progress to the next level without being killed by the office worker.
  • Grab your chainsaw and cut down anything that gets in your way, including tables, benches, duplicators, and even people. Your objective is complete only when you reach the exit door, after which you can proceed to the next level. However, be aware that your targets will quickly protect themselves, and you may be attacked in the other direction.
  • Featured:
    Scary game.
    Bloody violent graphics.
    Dramatic sound.
  • Developers
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How to play

Arrow = move right / left
Space bar = shoot / use