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Thing Thing Arena 2

Billy bobby
About Thing Thing Arena 2


  • Thing Thing Arena 2 is a survival shooter with a lot of action. You will be confronted with a slew of foes, and the only way to live is to kill them all while attempting to achieve the maximum possible score.
  • Killing adversaries quickly is the key to surviving the assault since you gain a bunch of various guns by defeating them. Do you have what it takes to become the next king of the arena, or will you be nothing more than a meal for the horde? To discover out, create a character, equip weapons, and shoot everything in your way!
  • Featured:
    Exciting, thrilling survival game.
    Beautiful and scary 2D graphics.
    Endless sound.
    There are many challenges for players.
  • Tips
    If you hop up or forward, you can make a double jump (cannot be done with a back jump)

How to play

W (up arrow key) = Jump
D (right arrow key) = Walk right
A (left arrow key) = Walk left
S (down arrow key) = Crouch
Left Shift = Sprint
E = Change weapon
Mouse pointer = Aim
Left mouse button = Shoot