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Vex 3

Billy bobby
About Vex 3


 Vex 3 is ideal for enthusiasts of the running action game. In this game, you have an opportunity to experience thrilling adventures full of obstacles.

 Welcome back to the Vex game series! This game is the third version of this running game series where you can experience thrilling adventures with your stickman character. Can you have enough bravery to overcome all the tricky tracks of this action game? Let's start the game and show your skills!

 In this version, you continue to control your stickman to overcome deadly obstacles such as sharp thorns, grinders, spiked wheels, etc. You will die if you touch these obstacles. There are many checkpoints which mark your running process. You will return to the latest checkpoint to restart the race after your death.

 This Vex version is available on our website browser. You can easily access and start-up this game!

 Features of Vex 3 

  • The third of the Vex game series
  • Various obstacles and challenges
  • Cool graphics and effects

 How to control

  • Up arrow key to jump
  • Down arrow key to roll down
  • Right arrow key to go straight
  • Left arrow key to go back