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Vex 4

Billy bobby
About Vex 4


 Vex 4 is a thrilling running action game. Come to this game to control your character to run as far as possible while overcoming obstacles and dangers.

 If you are a fan of this running game series, you will be familiar with this game. This game is the next version of the Vex game series with additional features and challenges. Are you ready to conquer tricky races of this new volume?

 Similar to other versions, this game also requires you to overcome deadly obstacles and reach the checkpoints to save your running process. After you die, you can continue the race at the latest checkpoint. In particular, you have to avoid obstacles and use personal skills from running, jumping, sliding, and even swimming. Pay attention to purple platforms because these platforms are weak and fall after you run across them.

 Vex 4 is intriguing and addictive for all ages. Besides that, you can try and experience other versions of this adventure series such as Vex 3 and Vex 6. 

 Features of Vex 4

  • The Intriguing and thrilling running game
  • Deadly obstacles and dangers
  • Be suitable for all ages

 How to control

  • Use arrow keys to control your stickman.