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Vex 5

Billy bobby
About Vex 5


  • Vex 5 action game is loved by many people. You will play the role of a stickman running away from the enemy and your task is to swing on the rope swings on the pillars to pass all the deadly obstacles. Each level is a maze of deadly devices and traps. You have to overcome these obstacles to get to the end. Expect some of the toughest challenges in this fifth installment.
  • The standard game mode in Vex 5 has 10 stages.
  • Featured:
    It's a difficult but addictive game.
    There are a lot of difficult stages to figure out.
    Trophies will be awarded to you as you make progress.
    Your talents will be put to the test in the new challenge mode.
    The film will be released in November 2020.
  • Tips:
    Enter the first of dozens of Challenge Rooms to see how far you can go. You can also gain a plethora of trophies and achievements, but that's not all! Check out the extremely bizarre difficulty mode if you believe you've conquered everything in this great action game.
  • Communication
    Using a web browser (desktop and mobile)

How to play

PRESS LEFT ARROW or A to run left.

PRESS RIGHT ARROW or D to run to the right.

Press DOWN ARROW or S to crouch, lower or slide while running.

Press UP ARROW or W to jump or climb.