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Vex 6

Billy bobby
About Vex 6


 Vex 6 is a superb running action game for singleplayer. Your mission is to overcome obstacles and reach the checkpoints to run as far as possible.

 Races have never been so exciting until Draw 6 was released. The running game series has had many different versions with unique features, and now, the 6th version is born with the expectation of enthusiasts of this running game. Are you curious about the game publisher's new product this time? Let's start the game immediately and challenge yourself. Are you ready to experience it?

 Deadly obstacles are always available. They are all very dangerous to touch because you will die instantly with that action. Stay away from sharp thorns, spiked wheels, grinders, etc. In this version, you can collect gold coins along the way to unlock costumes for your character. What's more, daily tasks and the daily bonus stage are always ready for you to challenge. Check your achievements in the Trophies Section.

 Features of Vex 6

  • The thrilling and attractive running action game
  • Various terrains and maps
  • Collect coins to unlock new skins

 How to control

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to control.