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Village Defense

Billy bobby
About Village Defense


  • The survival game Village Defense is fantastic. Stop the dinosaurs from destroying your village! Manage your village's food supply to employ heroes to protect the base. Village Defense may appear easy at first glance, but it features a variety of game modes, like protecting a route and keeping 100 or more creeps from entering the game. There's also a sandbox mode. There are ten difficult levels to complete.
  • We must defend the village from enemy attacks. There are numerous game modes in the game, including sandbox. The schedule is typical. Instructions: Your city is about to be attacked by the undead. Your mission is to keep the city safe at all costs by arming the residents to fight the undead. To inflict the most harm on your adversaries, strategically place armed civilians and construct traps. There are various different kinds of defenses: melee: Ground units take a lot of damage.
  • Featured:
    Exciting survival game.
    Dinosaur fighting game.
    Realistic beautiful graphics, realistic village scene.
    Realistic sound.
    Suitable for all ages.
    Simple gameplay.

How to play

Skill Shortcuts - alpha 1,2,3,4
Barracks - TAB
Tower Fire - SPACE