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Wheelie Biker

Billy bobby
About Wheelie Biker


 It's time to let out your inner adrenaline junkie and go on a perilous bike trip in Wheelie Biker. Are you prepared to undertake jaw-dropping bike stunts?
 On your journey to completing all 50 stages, pop a wheel and unlock new motorcycles. To unlock all Lagged achievements, try to pop a wheel for at least 10 seconds, unlock all bikes, and beat all stages.


  • In this entertaining online bike driving game, try to get to the conclusion of the level. To pass each level, avoid colliding before reaching the finish line.
  • You must execute bike feats in order to score, so don't worry. To elevate your bike's front wheel, simply press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. You must do so in order to gain enough cake points to cross the finish line. But be cautious not to crash, or you'll have to start again from the beginning.
  • To get money, try to complete all levels. This cash can be used to purchase new bikes and make you look even hotter when performing these tricks. Start playing right now to explore your inner recklessness!


  • Unlocking new bicycles.
  • A game based on physics.
  • 50 stages of addictive gameplay.
  • This is a fun and tough game.
  • Controls that are easy to use.
  • 2D visuals are stunning.
  • Sounds that are amusing.

How to play

Just press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to raise your bike's front wheel.