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Wheely 6

Billy bobby
About Wheely 6


 Wheely 6 is ideal for enthusiasts of the Wheely game series. Your objective is to solve puzzles to finish levels while finding a way to rescue a princess.

 Welcome back to the 6th edition of the Wheely game! Are you ready to experience new challenges along with the new story of your red car character? Start the game and experience it now to enjoy wonderful relaxing moments.

 In this version, the red car and his wife, the pink car, go to the movies. The red car bought popcorn and drinks to go to the cinema together to enjoy a romantic date. However, the red car was taken into the film. Help this red car and get him back to his sweet date.

 Your character will be lost in a medieval world with warriors, kings, and a princess, the pink car. However, the princess was taken away by the bad guys. Let's rescue the princess! Try to find the little red car and the wheel to win more stars. Tap the finish line to complete the level and find your way to where the princess is trapped.

 Features of Wheely 6

  • The addictive and fun adventure game
  • Level up
  • The medieval world

 How to control

  • Use your mouse to play this game.