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Wheely 7

Billy bobby
About Wheely 7


 Wheely 7 is an arcade game. If you want to enjoy thrilling adventures, come to this game to support your car to reach the finish line after solving puzzles.

 There is no more love story between a red car and a pink car, no more stray days or romantic dates. In this version, you will experience interesting detective stories. The city was once peaceful, but now there are dangerous robberies. You cannot let that continue. So, you decide to go after those thieves. Can our red car do that? Help him overcome the challenges and find the necessary clues in this seventh edition? Good luck.

 You will probably be familiar with the gameplay of this game genre. Your task is to use the mouse to control the car to move forward or interact with the items. Try to solve all the puzzles of each level to get the red car to the finish line safely. You only get 3 stars after each level if you successfully complete the three missions, including reaching the finish line safely, collecting 1 wheel and collecting the little red car. Good luck.

 Tip to play Wheely 7

  • Your car will go continuously after you click on it
  • Go up to the spring plate and activate it to turn your head
  • Causing objects to drop on enemies to eliminate them

 How to control

  • Use your mouse to play this game.