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Wheely 8

Billy bobby
About Wheely 8


 Wheely 8 is the eighth version of the Wheely game series in which you need to solve puzzles to help aliens to find a way and come back to their planet.

 Following the long-running game series, Wheely, the eighth edition is born with a new story revolving around our main character, the red car. During a picnic with his girlfriend, the red car suddenly meets alien friends. They have lost their way and can't get back to their planet, so they need your help. Let's start the journey and find a way to bring them back to their families.

 This game requires you to address tricky puzzles to find a way to reach the checkpoints and move to the next levels. Use your mouse to move the red car and interact with other items. Use your own strategies to give suitable solutions. Good luck!

 The wheel game series is available on our website. You can easily access all versions of this adventure game from version 1 to version 8. Have a nice time!

 Features of Wheely 8

  • The intriguing adventure simulation
  • The alien friends
  • Cool effects and graphics

 How to control

  • Use your mouse to play this game.