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Zombie Killers

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Billy bobby
About Zombie Killers


 Zombie Killer is a zombie game with a chaotic world setting. A virus has turned humans into zombies and wreaked havoc on the world. Try to destroy and resist their attack and find your teammates.

 Because of a zombie virus that is rampant, the world is in disarray. There are zombies everywhere, and they want to attack and obliterate everyone else. In this game, your goal is to try to get along with your brave comrades. You desire to kill zombies in order to rescue the planet. But if you're alone, it's impossible to do this. The funerals are quite brutal and huge. You should be the bravest hero possible because this conflict is incredibly fierce. Your chances of survival rise with each new party member because these individuals are prepared to aid you and are equipped.


  • Intelligence is an essential trait for a superhero, and you have the tools you need to win this battle.
  • Grab some weapons, bolster your fortress, destroy some zombies, and repel swarms of terrible creatures as they intrude on your personal space.
  • You will engage in combat while scurrying around the field in an effort to collect as many weapons and gold as you can. You will utilize the money you make to upgrade your base, weapons, ammunition, and avatar in the subsequent stage.
  • Choose the items you believe you'll require, purchase them, and then test them out as the zombies come at you.

How to play

  • To Move your character left, right, up, or down use keys W, A, S, D, or Arrow Keypad.
  • To Attack use Space Bar
  • To shoot use F 
  • To Switch weapons use Q
  • To Throw a grenade use G

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