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Zombie Tsunami

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Billy bobby
About Zombie Tsunami


 In Zombie Tsunami online game, a bunch of Zombies running on the streets! They messed up the city. Help your zombies run as far as you can.

Game Zombie Tsunami online game is loved all over the world. Now you can play this amazing game on things for a more fun experience. Are you ready to join and join the race of rebellious zombies? Let's get started right now. You are a zombie excited and lost in a city crowded with people. You run and run. You pass the obstacle chapters of the cars on the road. You collect the coins and above all, recruit more teammates on this journey. You will have the strength to overcome difficult obstacles if you have a lot of teammates to accompany you.


  • Pay attention to the obstacles when you do not have enough strength to push them, the best way is to jump.
  • Jump over the holes. If you have a lot of teammates, you need to try to make really accurate jumps because you can lose your teammates.
  • When you have enough strength, try to push huge obstacles like passenger cars or even planes to add more teammates.
  • Bombs will appear everywhere so you have to be really careful not to hit them.
  • You can use the coins you earn to buy accessories or tools that help you at the store.

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