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Zombies Survival

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Billy bobby
About Zombies Survival


 Zombies Survival is a survival action game for singleplayer. In this game, you have to use your weapons to eliminate all zombies to complete a level.

 In this game, you will transform into a hero specializing in killing zombies. Your city has been invaded by zombies. People have been infected for a long time and you are the only survivor. You need to move to other towns to help people. Take control of your character to help find a way out of this zombie town. To control the character, you use the arrow keys to move and use the mouse to aim and shoot. After aiming, press the left mouse button to shoot zombies. You can kill zombies in one shot.

 There are many levels. Each level requires you to kill enough zombies to fill the victory bar at the top right of the screen. The more zombies you kill, the faster the bar fills up. Besides, you need to pay attention to the health bar at the top left. This bar will decrease when you are attacked by zombies. There is a trick for you. You should move and shoot at the same time to avoid being attacked by zombies. This game has a shop where you can buy new skins for your character and unlock new weapons. Use the gold you get from each level to buy and sell in the Shop.

 Features of Zombies Survival

  • The thrilling shooting action game
  • Various levels
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics

 How to control

  • Use Mouse to shoot
  • Use Arrow Keys to Move

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