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Among Run

Billy bobby
About Among Run


Among Run is an extremely fun running game with the character Among US. With extremely beautiful and cute graphics, it has been loved by many players.

How far can you run with your teammates? This road goes on endlessly and you can create incredible records in this game. Your task is to run and jump to be able to overcome the wormholes and dangerous cogs. If you fall into the hole you will stop the game immediately. And if you are hit by a sharp saw tooth, you will be cut in two. It sounds scary so be very careful while running on this deadly dangerous obstacle course. The crewman will run forward by himself, you need to control his speed and control it very well to help him find his way back without dying in the middle of the road.


The game Among Us has us running, jumping, and collecting coins with impostors. To direct the jumps at the right time, use the arrow keys. The character in this game is running and you can't stop him, so pay attention to collect coins and avoid falling off the cliff in this FRIV game of ours.

How to play

Left click to jump.