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Drift 3

Billy bobby
About Drift 3


 Drift 3 is an interesting game for you to entertain in your leisure. You can drive in many kinds of cars on dangerous roads to be the last winner. 

 If you are wondering what should you play in your free time, Drift 3 should be your priority. You will drive the cool vehicles on the strange roads. You have to face dangerous bends and ramps. Click and hold the mouse to turn and get over the difficult roads. You have to compete with other players to be the last winner. The road is endless, so you have to be the last survival player. You have to apply your great control skill to get over the bends and struggle roads. The colorful graphics are quite cool which help you have real emotions. Moreover, you can attack the other players’ cars. Be careful with them because they can hit you too. 

 Let’s come to Drift 3 to clear your mind and have fun after a long day. Good luck! 

 Features of Drift 3

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Fun and exciting game
  • Driving vehicles to get over the dangerous roads 

 How to control

  • Click and hold the mouse to turn