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Mountain Bike Runner Master

Billy bobby
About Mountain Bike Runner Master


 Mountain Bike Runner Master- 2D stickman game with amazing BMX bike stunt feature. This game is for bike enthusiasts and stickman characters! What do you think about the challenge of riding a bike on rough hills? Jute is not an easy challenge. About the stickman character, this is one of the most popular and loved game characters! These combinations make our game extremely attractive and fun.
 Your task in this difficult journey is You go as far as possible on complex terrains. Your source is only used for a short time until you find another source battery you will have more energy to go on and go further. Therefore, collecting energy batteries is extremely necessary for this race. Wish you get high scores and rich records in this Mountain Bike Runner Master!


  • I highly recommend keeping your bike balanced. You will need to be familiar with physics-based games to be able to control movement force well. That's okay because our site has a lot of games of this genre!
  • Pay attention to collecting green batteries to maintain energy and keep going forward. If you take too long to move forward the battery will run out of energy before you collect a new one. That means you lose. So try to move as much as possible to collect as many energy batteries!

How to play

To play the game, just use the arrow keys to steer the bike to your liking!