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Zombies Shooter Part 1

Billy bobby
About Zombies Shooter Part 1


 In Zombies Shooter Part 1 an alarming situation is taking place in your city. Zombies are everywhere. You are a commando armed with combat guns destroy them!
 A pandemic has occurred. Dangerous viruses have caused a zombie epidemic to occur in your own city. The situation is really urgent. Because the number of people turning into zombies is increasing day by day. and they quickly sniff your presence. they come and want to attack you and want to turn you into a zombie like them.
 Here you will play as a professional commando with a gun in his hand. You need to kill all the zombies to regain your peaceful life in this town! Can you complete this difficult task? I believe you can do it. And you should believe in yourself too. Use all your bravery and skill to take down these fearsome zombies!

  • You need to be really calm to be able to handle the situation in this game. Don't panic if more and more zombies are coming towards you. Please handle the situation calmly.
  • You need to aim them at the weak points of the zombies to be able to defeat them quickly. I think you should aim them at their head.

How to play

  • Mouse - look around.
  • WASD - move.
  • W + Shift - Run.
  • spacebar - jump.
  • Left mouse button - Shoot.
  • right mouse button (Hold) - Targeting wheel - Next / previous weapon 1-7 - weapon hotkey.
  • R - reload.
  • G - throw the grenade.