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Slope 3

Billy bobby
About Slope 3


Slope 3 is the latest version of the classic Slope game. In this downhill race, the difficulty has been increased compared to the original version. Join now here!

Your task in Slope 3 is still the same as in the original Slope game. You need to lead the ball through the obstacles without colliding with the red obstacle blocks. Absolutely do not let your ball go off the line and fall into the cliff. Wish you can conquer the difficult challenge of the day And set a new record!


  • This is an upgraded version of the classic Slope game so the difficulty is increased. Fast speed is an extremely difficult challenge for you. You need time to get used to the speed and control the ball to your liking.
  • More obstacles than the original. You have to focus while controlling the gravity ball to avoid it colliding with the red blocks that appear on the ramps.

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How to play

Use arrow keys to control your ball too.