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Stick Duel Battel

Billy bobby
About Stick Duel Battel


  • Stick Duel Battel game is a solo gunfight between 2 stick people. You and your opponent will stand on a flying saucer and the fight breaks out in the air. Below is a quick molten jelly. If you lose your balance and fall down you will definitely burn. It is because of this special context that the war becomes dramatic. The only thing you can do to stay alive is to be the winner of this gunfight.
  • This game is for 2 players. You can choose to play with the robot or play with friends and family. We have a great time playing the game. Wish you become a winner! Try your best!
  • Featured:
    Fun stickman fighting game.
    Two-player game.
    Gunfighting game.
    Cute stickman character graphics, city setting, Aerial space.
    Real funny sounds.
    Simple gameplay.
    Suitable for all ages.

How to play

Arrows left and right / AD = move