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Apple and Onion: BMX Day

Billy bobby
About Apple and Onion: BMX Day


 Start the fun game Apple and Onion: BMX Day now! Put on your bike helmet and hit the trails with Apple and Onion when they want a challenging road trip.

 Apple and Onion are close friends. They enjoy all outdoor activities if they are fun. They often go out together on beautiful days. But the thing is Cycling is boring and they want a more enjoyable experience. So they decided to go adventure biking in the bumpy mountains. However, when it comes to challenging trails, they are without a doubt already wearing their helmets and ready to take on the hard work. Help them complete these exciting challenges and don't forget to collect stars and coins on the track.


  • This is a difficult track so you need to be very careful in every move.
  • Throughout the race, there will be obstacles to hinder the two of you. Please try to pass them safely
  • Pay attention to ramps as they can cause your vehicle to overturn.
  • Collect lots of stars and coins to exchange for rewards!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to adjust the scale for your bike.