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Billy bobby


It is the goal of the awareness game "The Robot Bar" to get people to think about how technology and AI will affect everyone, including workers.

Many jobs, like serving, have been taken over by robots in the world where the game takes place. People who play the game become bartenders and have to serve drinks to customers faster than a robot bartender.

The point of the game is to make people more aware of how broad automation and AI could affect jobs and the economy. When people play games, they are forced to think about things like What will happen to humans when robots can do their jobs better. How will people adjust to a world where computers do more and more of the work? What are the moral effects of depending on AI to do important jobs?

As players deal with the difficulties of competing with a robot bartender, they are asked to seriously consider these problems and talk about them with other players. People can use the game to get them to think about how complicated technology is and how it might change the future of work.

Overall, The Robot Bar is a fun and interesting way to start talking about what AI and automation mean and to make people more aware of how important it is to think carefully about these technologies as they continue to grow and become more common in our lives.