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Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure

Billy bobby
About Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure


 Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure is an exciting racing action game in which you have to control a shark truck to overcome obstacles to reach the destination.

 In this game, you will transform into a shark truck to rescue small fish in an underwater prison. Your mission is to reach the finish line to proceed to the next level after defeating other opposing marine species and overcoming all obstacles. This game has various levels with many challenging maps and obstacles. You can eliminate your opponents if they attack you a lot.

 Besides that, remember to collect red gems and gold coins to upgrade your vehicles. Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure also has some bonuses on your way to creating more damage. Spin the bonus circle to get rewards for the next level.

Features of Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure

  • Vivid graphics with the underwater theme
  • Tricky races with many challenges and obstacles
  • Level up
  • Collect gems and coins to upgrade your vehicle

How to control

  • Space - Bombs
  • X - Turbo
  • W - Gas
  • S - Brake A
  • D - Balancing
  • Arrow keys - Gas, Brake, Balancing