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Chained Tractor Towing Train

Billy bobby
About Chained Tractor Towing Train


Chained Tractor Towing Train is a game where you use a tractor to pull a train. You will drive a tractor through this game and use it to move a train from A to B.

Here's how to play:

- To drive the truck, press the arrow keys.
- To speed up or slow down, press the space bar.
- When you get close to the train, press the X key to link the tractor to it.
- Once they are linked, use the truck to pull the train where it needs to go.

As you pull the train, you have to watch out for things on the road and make sure the train isn't off balance. The train will crash, and you will lose if you don't do this.

Towing a Chained Tractor The train game is fun and challenging, and players need to be good at controlling the game to finish the task. Try it out and see if you can get the train where it needs to go!