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Billy bobby
About Dual


Dual is an exciting game that needs you to focus very hard. You can play this game by yourself or with a friend on the same device.

In Dual, players will be in charge of two spaceships at the same time, one on each side of the screen. By moving the two ships back and forth, you have to avoid things that are flying from both sides of the screen.

Focus and quick reflexes are needed for this game because players have to track and respond to things coming from both sides at the same time. Anytime a ship hits something, the game is over.

Dual has simple images but bright colors that make the game fun and difficult. Sounds that change and fast beats also make the game more tense and exciting.

People can relax and test their skills by directing two spaceships at the same time in the Dual game, which can be played on both cell phones and PCs.