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Forklift Drive Simulator

Billy bobby
About Forklift Drive Simulator


In the forklift driving training game Forklift Drive Simulator, you can learn how to drive a forklift professionally and do different jobs.

To move boxes of goods from one place to another, you will need to drive a forklift and make sure the goods are moved safely and correctly. As you play, you'll have to deal with a lot of different problems, such as obstacles, time limits, and special tasks.

You will be able to do transportation tasks in cities, airports, and seaports. It's your job to pick up heavy boxes and carry them safely on trains and big cargo trucks. In a forklift, you can drive, move a load, and do crazy tricks.

This game lets players really feel what it's like to drive a truck and organize goods. To finish things as quickly as possible, you need to be able to focus, use your skills, and keep track of your time. You can test your skills by beating the hardest levels and getting the highest score. Good luck with your games!