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Marbles Garden

Billy bobby
About Marbles Garden


 Welcome to the wonderful game Marbles Garden. Your mission is to keep your garden pretty by exploding colorful jewels and killing goblins.
Marbles Garden is a match-3 marble puzzle shooting game in the match-3 genre. Your mission is to protect your lovely garden from nasty goblins.  You'll also benefit from special ammo and other benefits, which you may enhance throughout the game to earn more stars.
 Balls can be pushed into a hole at the end of your journey by the golems. Make sure this doesn't happen! Your goal is to eliminate three balls of the same color by matching them. Each level you complete will get you a star. You can acquire stars by collecting power-ups that help you demolish more balls. To earn more stars, you can activate and upgrade them. These extra weapons, as well as those enhanced with in-game stars, will be useful.
This game will increase the difficulty in the following levels to create challenges for players. As the difficulty increases you will have trouble handling the situation. Time is tight and the gems will be hard to destroy. Try to make good use of the time to be able to complete the task.