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Noob Rush vs Pro Monsters

Billy bobby
About Noob Rush vs Pro Monsters


 Noob Rush vs Pro Monsters is an intriguing shooting action game. You have to control Noob to eliminate all opponents while trying to get the highest score.

 This is is the nest version of the Noob series. If you are an enthusiast of this game series, this game is a must-tried game and it will accompany you with various different games. 

 Your objective is to use your weapons to eliminate all zombies and dangerous birds to protect your life. There are various dangers and threats in this game. You can face sharp thorns, deadly zombies, and fatal birds. Avoid bullets from birds. Overcome sharp thorns. And eliminate all zombies. Are you ready to participate in this shooting game? Try to survive as long as possible and gain the best points! Remember that you have limited times to revive, so appreciate them!

 You can unlock new weapons with different damage levels or buy items to improve your strength.

 Features of Noob Rush vs Pro Monsters 

  • The thrilling shooting action and adventure game
  • Infinite game round
  • Classic graphics and cool effects
  • Get the highest score

 How to play

  • Press left and right arrow keys or AD keys to move
  • Press the spacebar to jump