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Noob Vs 1000 Zombies!

Billy bobby
About Noob Vs 1000 Zombies!


 Noob Vs 1000 Zombies! is an addictive action and adventure game in which you have to use a bow to shoot down all zombies to protect the life of the sheep.

 "Hi, Noob. Our living environment is in danger because of the attack of zombies. We need your help!"

 Can you hear the sheep's pleas for help? Their habitat is destroyed by dangerous zombies who fire all forests. Your objective is to use your weapons to eliminate all zombies and bring a peaceful life for sheep. 

 In this game, there are various levels with different terrains, the number of zombies and the number of arrows. Use limited arrows to kill these zombies based on each terrain. You can directly shoot your opponents, shoot gunpowder to create an explosion, or shoot across barriers.

 Complete levels to earn coins and stars. Besides that, you can collect money and stars through extra missions to raise your rank. Be an archer and fight!

 Feature of Noob Vs 1000 Zombies!

  • Superb and attractive shooting action game
  • Various levels with different challenges
  • Protect the life of sheep
  • Collect gold coins and stars

 How to control

  • Press and hold your left mouse button to aim
  • Release to shoot