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Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit

Billy bobby
About Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit


Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit is a fascinating running action game in which you have to control your Noob to overcome obstacles and find the diver suit to escape.

Welcome you to the new game related to the Noob character! In this game, you also see the appearance of the Noob character but add a hacker.

In this game, you will participate in thrilling adventures with Nood and a hacker in the underwater world. The water level is increasing and the diver suit is taken by a hacker. You need to find him and take back the suit to survive.

Your mission is to overcome all deadly obstacles and reach your destination. Be careful with dangerous monsters and their fireballs. These objects can make you die immediately. 

Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit has various levels with different maps and challenges. The next levels are more challenging than the previous levels. Can you conquer all stages? Show your skills!

Features of Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit

  • The interesting action and adventure game
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics 
  • Diverse levels with various challenges

How to control

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move.