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Paintball Racers

Billy bobby
About Paintball Racers


  • Car and racing games are jam-packed with excitement and include addicting gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. Paintball Racers is a 2D racing game in which you compete against a group of other riders in a very exciting race to the finish line. You have access to a vehicle that can travel at super-high speeds. You've also got your trusty paintball gun at the ready, ready to blast anyone who tries to outrun you.
    This is a race to the finish line, but there are also some extra goodies to gather. To score more points, look for sacks of coins strewn over the track. Have a good time and win the race!
  • Featured:
    2D racing game with mini cars.
    View from the side.
    Boosters that you buy might provide you with a variety of benefits.
    There are 20 levels to play with random weapons throughout the route.
    Sound effects that are amusing.
  • Tips:
    Use paintballs effectively to slow down your opponents
    But you'll need to persevere as your opponents also have paintball guns on their cars!
  • Communication:
    In April 2012, the game web browser was first released as a Flash game. Since September 2018, the HTML5 version has been accessible.

How to play

W or up arrow to speed up
ADVERTISEMENT or left/right arrow to tilt
Space bar to shoot paint guns
X button to jump
Z or shift button to use turbo