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Parkour Block 3

Billy bobby
About Parkour Block 3


 Parkour Block 3 is an intriguing arcade game. You are responsible for controlling your character to avoid falling into the lava and moving to the destination.

 This game is the third version of the Parkour Block game series. If you are a fan of this running game series, you will be familiar with the rules of this version. Like other previous volumes, you also use WASD or arrow keys to move, press the spacebar to run, and press the L & Shift keys to run in the third version. You need to control your character to overcome all blocks and avoid falling into the deadly lava. If you fall into this area, you will die. 

 However, in the new version, blocks will arrange following a new layout. These blocks will be arranged to move up instead of going straight like the previous version. 

 This game is suitable for all ages, so you can play this game with your friends or relatives.

 Features of Parkour Block 3

  • The exciting and fun activities and arcade game
  • Various levels
  • Classic graphics and simple mechanics

 How to control

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move 
  • Press the spacebar to jump
  • Press the L & Shift keys to run