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Quiz Guess the flag

Billy bobby
About Quiz Guess the flag


You will be able to memorize more than 200 different flags of countries all over the world if you play the game Quiz Guess the Flag. This game is meant to teach chess to both adults and children of all ages.

Recognizing the more than 200 flags that are flown across the world can be a difficult task. Do you know what the flags of Vietnam and Myanmar look like? At first glance, the two flags appear to be extremely identical to one another, with the exception of a minute distinction in the hues of yellow and red. Another challenging combination, Senegal and Mali's flags are almost identical to one another, with the exception that the Senegalese flag features a green star in the canton of the flag.

This checkerboard game is fantastic for assisting you in recognizing those distinctions in the pictures. And because there are so many flags that you need to commit to memory, a fascinating geography aid such as this will be the perfect instrument for you to expand on your knowledge of World flags. Best of luck!