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Short Life

Billy bobby
About Short Life


  • GameTornado's Short Life 2 is a brutal bloody ragdoll game. This is the follow-up to the hugely successful Short Life game. Players will guide their character through lethal hazards in order to prevent a spectacular and painful demise.
    What to do and how to play
    Through 20 levels of devastation, control your ragdoll creature like a puppeteer. Timing and reflexes are crucial, but you must also move slowly and carefully to prevent devastating surprises.
    Obstacles that are lethal
    In Short Life 2, you can die in a variety of ways. Spikes in the face, grenades, or being crushed by a huge fist are all possibilities. Each level introduces a new way to degrade.
  • Featured:
    There's a lot of gore and a lot of separation.
    There are several hurdles and inventive ways to perish.
    Characters that can be unlocked.
    There are 20 dangerous levels to complete.
    Instructions for Playing.
    To avoid unpleasant shocks, proceed with caution.
    To unlock new characters, collect stars.
    Jumping and crouching times are accurate.
  • Tips:
    You must control your ragdoll character carefully with point-by-point precision to avoid many devastating traps.
  • Release date
    April 2020
  • Developers
    Short Life 2 is made by GameTornado.

How to play

Arrow keys left and right or AD