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Solitaire Seasons

Billy bobby
About Solitaire Seasons


 Solitaire Seasons is a puzzle game where you clear all the cards on the playing field. Choose the cards on the fields or stockpile to arrange on your deck.

 In this game, your task is to arrange all the cards on the playing field on your deck. How to put them on your deck? The number on the card has to be one higher or lower in value than the card on your deck which is under the playing field. If there is no suitable card on the playing field, you can draw the cards on the stockpile. However, you have to solve puzzles that clear all the cards on the playing ground without running out of cards on the stockpile. If you think too slowly, the time will end. Keep your mind that the number of stars depends on the finish time. 

 The Solitaire Seasons game has many levels for you to challenge. Come to the game and clear all the levels with ease. The game is suitable to kill the time. 

 Features of Solitaire Seasons

  • Simple control with many levels
  • Fun and exciting game
  • Clear the card on the playing field

 How to control

  • Click the mouse on the cards