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Spiderman City Defense

Billy bobby
About Spiderman City Defense


A strategy and action game based on the character Spider-Man called Spider-Man: City Defense. You will be Spider-Man in this game and have to keep the city safe from bad guys and thieves.

You have to control Spider-Man as he goes through buildings and streets and kills all the bad guys who are attacking the city. You can use Spider-Man's fighting skills to beat your opponents. For example, you can glide through space, shoot spider webs, and punch and kick. To keep the city safe, use your skills and strategies to kill all the bad guys.

During the game, you will face a lot of different enemies, from normal bad guys to enemies with superpowers. To deal with any problem and keep the city safe, you need to be quick and skilled.

In Spider-Man: City Defense, you fight in new and exciting ways as the character Spider-Man. Get ready to save the city and win people's hearts!