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Stickman Fights

Billy bobby
About Stickman Fights


Play now the brand new game Stickman Fights Online, an epic combat that takes place between small stickmen motivated to become unrivaled warriors, control the main character, and assist him in winning battles against other competitors.

Keep in mind that we have the most extensive assortment of combat and stickman games. Stickman makes the courageous decision to determine once and for all who is the more powerful of the two of them by engaging in a bloody battle. It is common knowledge that Stickman games nearly always involve some kind of conflict, and this particular title is not an exception to that rule.

Your objective in this combat is to prevail over your online adversaries and walk away with monetary awards. If you wager a greater amount of money, you will receive a larger prize. You can further customize your battle collection by purchasing new skins with the money that you have earned. Best of luck!