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Stickman Shooter 2

Billy bobby
About Stickman Shooter 2


Stickman Shooter 2: Armed Assassin! Stickman Shooter 2! Prepare yourselves for the major conflict! Become the most heroic defender of the stronghold you can be!

Because this game has a significant amount of bloodshed and murder, you can be sure that it will be exciting and interesting. There will be a large number of hostile invaders, and you will have a wide variety of weapons to select from. Fight off various waves of foes while completing a variety of assignments.

Protect the outpost from the onslaught of hostile extraterrestrials and human warriors; your stronghold is under attack from all directions. The world that we live in now is really different. Green grass that has withered. The surface is entirely consumed by flames. You must wipe out all of the adversaries, collect cash, and strengthen your defensive armament in order to hold the base until the very end.