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Zombie Derby 2

Billy bobby
About Zombie Derby 2


 Zombie Derby 2 is a horror car driving game in which you have to control a car to crash and eliminate all zombies to reach the finish line safely.

 Drive your car through all the rampage of scary zombies. Use the car's fighting abilities to destroy them. After completing each road and killing zombies, you will receive money. Use the proceeds to upgrade your car. Remember that each level gives you a limited amount of energy. Therefore, in order to be able to reach the destination, upgrading the car is essential.

 There are many different cars but they require you to complete levels before being able to unlock them. There is a car that can only kill zombies by crashing them. There are cars that can shoot bullets and kill zombies more easily. Try to complete levels and unlock as many cars as possible. 

 Features of Zombie Derby 2

  • The attractive car driving game
  • Unlock new cars
  • Fight and kill all zombies

How to control

  • Use W key or up arrow key to go forward
  • Press the N key to use nitro
  • AD or left and right arrow keys to tilt car
  • Space to shoot zombies and obstacles