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Billy bobby


BOMB PRANK, an engaging and fun game!

Bomb Prank is without a doubt one of the most interesting online fighting games of the year.

When the game starts, you'll be put in a circle with a thin line around it. Your job is to grab bombs and destroy your opponents. To keep from getting hurt, you should learn how to turn, stay out of other players' bombs, and be careful not to fall off the edge.

The timer starts, but the bomb you're trying to drop hasn't been dropped yet? Exciting and fun online arena game. The bomb went off, and everyone is trying to stay away from it. However, the bomb can only be passed from player to player. Can you get the hot Danger to other players in time?

Rules for how to play the game Bomb Prank:

To play on a phone, use the mouse or touch the screen. To play on a PC, press the arrow keys (⬅) or the WASD and Space keys.